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WINGS is an ongoing film and photography project that seeks to encourage movement in all, as well as provide a featured platform for dancers in hopes of aiding to build a brighter future for the art form of dance and those pursuing it. 


Film, Photography, Technology

Role: Director, Creative Director (see each piece in expand mode for specifics)


~The power within will make you soar~


As outlined in the highest level of research, we know that physical movement in a variety of forms is a path to your higher self. This project seeks to encourage everyone to engage in movement daily in their own capacity, because we know how much it changes lives and allows for more connected, authentic, and fruitful living . By capturing the essence of freedom, we hope to hint at this mindset to viewers and awaken their appetite for self-motivated movement.

Furthermore, we've been witness to the super-human ability of dancers to link next level athleticism with sophisticated artistic sensibility; we envision dancers as superheroes of their own accord, and the superpower of flight-- arguably the most revered-- was ideal to showcase movement artists in an elevated light. Shocked by the ceiling of success for those pursing this art form and sport, we hope to see the day when dancers reach the same level of appreciation as NBA athletes and pop stars and aim to help pave the way for this to happen.