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Was locked in a room for 3 days without sleep to make this set and stop motion animation from scratch. Found moss in the room for a whole year after...arguably more messy than glitter.  Love this handmade medium and it's innate lack of perfection in an age that idolizes the opposite. 

Excerpts from EXTINCT: A parody on AI robots trying to learn about various art forms humans partake in via hologram technology.

Experimenting with speeding up and slowing down movements real time with dancers' bodies vs. artificially through editing techniques. 

Exploring the landscapes of Los Angeles through movement and personality flicks of world-reknown dancer Luz Remigio Frias.

Paired up with the always inventive Martina Heimmann to create this piece highlighting a German Ballerina's fusion with the Brooklyn-born dance style of Flexing after her active involvement in both for over ten years.

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